Announcing the new Visional plan for all non-profit animal advocacy organizations.

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We love animals! pure and simple. And every day we try to take at least one action to help support better treatment and more appreciataion of the role they have in our lives and the life of our home, Earth.

So what better way to extend this love by helping the organiztions that have the same purpose and vision. With this we are announcing a new plan for providing our software at NO CHARGE

How can Visional help your organization? Simply put we will help you spend less time using tools and more time helping the beautiful creatures we all love.

- We make documenting and organizing information about every pet a snap - right from your smart phone.

- WE'll help you document everything with pictures and video - the best way to capture verifiable documentation and to share the emotions, the love and sometimes pain that is in the eyes of the animals you are helping.

- We give you a live-disco, on demand channel to communicate and share any event with your office or coordinator and staff. "Nothing" replaces a live interactive conversation where the other side can SHOW you what you need to see, on the spot.

- More coming soon (including a full commerce platform for fundraising and taking care of other necessities)

It's a wonderful world and our animals deserve the best technology can do for them, let's do it.