Grow your local sales with Live Video

Live Video is the fastest growing communication format globally and in the US.


Live shopping helps shoppers buy from local stores using convenient interactive live video.

Live stream shopping happens in real time! The host, or retailer, uses live video to show their products to their customers. During the live streaming session retailers can showcase their products features and functions directly to their customers.

This is especially unique because the host can communicate with their customers in real time and answer any questions during the live video session. Customers can also purchase the products being showcased in the video immediately.


Visional helps retailers grow local sales with live video

With Visional you can create appointments with your customers and take them live shopping through your store! We provide one-on-one live stream shopping sessions to ensure a quality experience for retailers and consumers.

We have also intergrated transaction software that allows for a seemless checkout process for your customers. Once the session is competed the consumers will receive an email with a history of their session which includes any pictures or notes they might have taken throught their session.

Why is live stream shopping important?
Are you investing in setting up an ecommerce website?  Do you know the site is JUST THE BEGINNING? There is so much work after you setup your website, most local stores are not prepared and suited to run an online business.  What you need is an omni-channel local retail operation and that means the best online mix to serve your customers.


Visional Features

The top mobile one-one livestream shopping technology with integrated transaction, catalog, CRM and more.

API based architecture providing retailers with a-la-carte options for minimal impact to existing infrastructure.

Shopping Agent network providing sales assistance and training to ramp up sales quickly.